1. Pannotator is accepting the upload of a multifasta file to be annotated. Each DNA strand within the multifasta will be separately annotated and all files will be delivered in a compressed zip file.
  2. Pannotator now uses the reference file (embl or gbk) to train glimmer on how to predicted genes in the DNA strands, so no longer demands the upload of a CDS prediction file;
  3. Pannotator no longer demands explicit file suffix names, just like, fasta, embl, gbk or tab files. The upload files can have any acceptable nomenclature for the Linux OS files but still need to be uploaded in the button designed for each type of file.

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Some instructions

  • All fields are necessary.
  • Do not forget to submit your email address, if wrong email is provided we will not be able to mail you the result!
  • Only .fasta extension files are accepted as input, please rename your file with .fasta extension and then upload.
  • CAPTCHA text is case insensitive

Refer FAQs for file format details.